About Barbara

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Welcome to the Life of Barbara.

I am Barbara, the alter ego of UK wedding photographer Lucy Stendall, an old lady trapped inside the body of a thirty something, itching to get out.

The hashtag #lifeofbarbara started life on Lucy’s Twitter account as an outward acknowledgement of Lucy’s old lady tendencies..the love of a good frock, a penchant for nicknacks and old fashioned pursuits. Then I realised that Barbara needed more room to stretch her legs. A place to call her own, where she can have a nice cup of tea and a sit down and hopefully have company now and again.

This is a blog for everyone who thinks that life is richer when you’re indulging in simple pleasures. It is at once the quest for, and the destination of, the things that make you feel alive and full of gladness. There will be reminiscing, yes, there will also be reminders that the gentler pace of life which some of us seek out may, in fact, be right under our noses.

Perhaps you have wondered whether you were born in the wrong era. Perhaps you have an inner old person desperate to get out. Never fear, this is the place for you. A place to embrace the stories, observations and mottos of the past and the present, to soak up snippets from the heart warming to the eccentric and bizarre. A place for nostalgic day dreamers and romantics alike.

If you, like me, like Barbara…this is the blog for you.

You can get in touch by email: hello {at} lifeofbarbara {dot} com