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I make no secret of the fact that I love listening to other people’s conversations. On the bus, in the butchers, in the street. For me, it’s one of life’s pleasures. I don’t have to listen to the whole story, sometimes just part of a sentence as I walk past someone in the supermarket quenches my nosy thirst. Often these stories make my day.

This was one of the reasons I set up Life of Barbara really and I hope over time to build up a little collection of conversations under the You had to be there category over on the right.¬†What is it about other people’s lives and other people’s stories that are so endlessly fascinating?

So you can imagine how delighted I was when Radio 4 (wireless station of choice for all Barbara’s out there) started The Listening Project. Every day they broadcast three short conversations from all over the UK, covering everything and anything. Hearing one of these conversations nestled amongst plays, book reviews, programmes about world affairs, debates, feminism and politics is really refreshing and I haven’t heard one yet that hasn’t made me stop and think. Some are sad, others peculiar, funny or bizzare but they are all touching.

The best bit is that they have many more conversations that they won’t have time to broadcast. And you can hear all of them on their website.

If I can be so bold I’d recommend you start with this one. It’s a conversation between Beryl and Graham about finding love in your 70s with a man called Stan. It’s a good one.

Ooh that Beryl knows how to use a bit of rouge.

If you’ve overheard a good conversation recently that you think should be on Life of Barbara, please do email me hello {at} life of barbara {dot} com

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    OMG…LOVE THIS ….just LOVE it <3

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    oh nooooo TEARS NOW

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