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Image © Lucy Stendall Photography Ltd Malapropism (noun): The mistaken use of a word in place of a similar sounding one, often with an amusing effect. This one comes from my friend’s Grandma. Calling Digestives, Suggestives has to be one of my favourites ever, surely? I’m collecting malapropisms, hopefully to build up a nice little series […]

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Red lips Rita

image credit We all know the places, the hair salons frequented almost exclusively by the curl and set brigade. I say almost, because I have been known to visit these places. In fact if you like retro hair, I’d recommend them. There are not many places where they’ll style your hair and give you endless […]

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Bringing Barbara Back

Image credit Welcome to the Life of Barbara. I am Barbara, the alter ego of UK wedding photographer Lucy Stendall, an old lady trapped inside the body of a thirty something, itching to get out. The hashtag #lifeofbarbara started life on Lucy’s Twitter account as an outward acknowledgement of Lucy’s old lady tendencies..the love of a good frock, […]

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